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Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. honors the legacies of Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen (DOTAs) upon their death by enshrining them into the “Lonely Eagles.” The names listed here are Lonely Eagles who were members of The Atlanta Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen.


  • Mr. Art Byrd, Sr.
  • Mr. Horace A. Bohanson
  • Mr. Kenneth Bedford
  • Mr. Toy Conley
  • Mr. Herman Cullen
  • Mr. Charles W. Dryden
  • Mr. Leroy E. Eley
  • Mr. Freddie E. Hutchins
  • Mr. Willis J. Hubert
  • Mr. W.R. Jackson
  • Mr. Alvon Johnson
  • Mr. Theopolis W. Johnson


  • Mr. Andrew Keyes
  • Mr. Eli Lindsey, Sr.
  • Mr. Charles Nesby
  • Mr. George Prather
  • Mr. William A. Scott, III
  • Mr. Vernon K. Sport
  • Mr. Donald Thompson
  • Mr. Frank Anderson, Ret MSGT USAF
  • Mr. Joseph H. Blaylock, DOTA
  • Mr. Huey E. Charlton, PhD, DOTA
  • Mrs. Val Jeanne Grigsby, DOTA, Past Chapter Secretary
  • Mr. Owen Hague, DOTA


  • Mr. Jewel Thompson Johnson
  • Mr. Harold A. Hillary, DOTA
  • Mr. Stephen “Sticky” Jackson, DOTA
  • Mr. John B. Marby
  • Mr. William E. McDonald, DOTA
  • Mr. Michael Hart
  • Mr. James R. “Big Jim” Reed, DOTA
  • Mr. Charles E. Smith, DOTA, Past Chapter President
  • Mr. Clarence E. Shaffer, Past Chapter President
  • Mr. ernice Williams, PhD
  • Mr. George B. Woods, DOTA
  • Mr. Ella Yates